"Let's talk about Nat Johnson. Sometimes people do, but not nearly loud enough or often enough, which is a shame, because she is as integral to the Sheffield scene as Kid Acne murals and Jarvis Cocker poems on the sides of buildings." - The Girls Are

"Former Monkey Swallows the Universe front gal Nat Johnson has a sly but resourceful style - sensitive Smiths-inflected guitar rock with a splash of americana" - The Mirror

"Nat Johnson has a lovely winsome voice, but one undercut with a genuine melancholy as it picks it way through always thoughtful and cleverly expressed songs" - Sounds XP

"What I love about her is that you can spot her distinctive voice right away. Her group has produced some lush pop melodies" - Music Snobbery

"Delicate, beautiful music" - Exposed Magazine

MSTU press:

"Nat Johnson has a voice that can do withering as well as whimsical" - NME

"Gorgeous vocals" - The Guardian

"Nat Johnson's at times vaguely Smiths-like melodies and beautiful, Tracey Thornesque voice..." - The Times

"(Monkey Swallows the Universe's) biggest gift is the sweet, fragile, alluring voice of Nat" - The Sun


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