Christmas Book Club
Christmas Book Club

Surprise! For Christmas this year we're giving you a brand new song called 'Book Club'. For nowt. Totally free. And you don't even have to get us anything in return. You don't have to, although it would be nice. So for the record we'd like some gin, a new pair of slippers and maybe a Scalectrix set.

Where can you get a copy of said tunage? Right here! Here's a link to it. Right click and "Save as" to download, or left click to listen straight away.

Enjoy listening to it whilst atop your very own christmas tree, or sitting in a chair, it's up to you. Special thanks to Emily Gunn on violin.

In other free download news, visit and get 'The Only One', featuring Nat on backing vocals.

Our next couple of shows see us in Warkworth, Northumberland on 2nd Jan for the Out of the Trees Festival and then in Sheffield on 16th Jan as part of a weekend of music saying farewell to beloved local venue The Shakespeare.

Thanks for all your support in 2009 and we really hope you're enjoying Roman Radio. Damaged Goods are shipping right up until December 22nd!


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